Cromford Mills Visitor Attraction Pricing Strategy and Marketing Plan

DC Research and partners Blue Sail are delighted to be developing a Pricing Strategy and Marketing Plan for the Arkwright Society.

The study will involve an analysis of the existing visitor attraction pricing strategy, the viability of establishing a charge to enter the site, and a recommended new strategy based on the conclusions of that analysis and successful pricing arrangements at comparable visitor attractions.  A new marketing plan is to be produced that support Cromford Mills as a visitor attraction to make a positive financial contribution to the overall operation of the Cromford Mills site.

This project builds on DC Research’s expertise in pricing and business planning across the heritage sector and Blue Sail’s expertise in destination marketing for cultural and heritage visitor attractions. For further information, contact Stephen Connolly

Written by Dr Stephen ConnollyFollow Dr Stephen Connolly on Twitter

A founding Director of DC Research, Stephen has 25 years research experience achieved through a combination of roles in both academic research and private sector research and consultancy.

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