Evaluating The British Museum’s Spotlight Loans

Evaluating Spotlight Loans for The British Museum

The British Museum has appointed DC Research to review the impact of its Spotlight Loans scheme. Spotlight Loans are part of a range of activities undertaken by the British Museum working in partnership with regional museums, and involve the loan of a single object, providing access to outstanding objects to those who might not otherwise have access to them.

Spotlight loans can assist with improved visitor activity through the promotion of such loans and their significance. Recipients of such loans can also benefit in the long term from an increased marketing exposure, improved reputation and new ways of thinking in terms of displays and audience engagement. Smaller, local museums also often attract a different audience to that of the British Museum, and so such loans often widen engagement and learning opportunities.

This study will seek to understand in more detail the impacts that Spotlight loans are having on their regional partners, and understand opportunities that exist for the British Museum to enhance these impacts in the future, and get more benefit (both for itself and its partners) from Spotlight Loans. It will build on research undertaken by DC Research in 2012, which highlighted that The British Museum’s partner museums have reached new audiences, created new displays, ignited new interest in, and attracted additional visitors by working in partnership with The British Museum.

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A founding Director of DC Research, Jonathan brings 23 years of academic, policy development and consultancy experience as a research economist, evaluator and project manager to the business. He is a Fellow of the Regional Studies Association, and a Member of the Institute of Economic Development.

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