Evaluation of Recognition Scheme and Fund

In October 2013, Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) commissioned DC Research to carry out an Evaluation of the Recognition Scheme and Fund.  The overarching aim was to carry out an “evaluation of the impact of the Recognition Scheme and the Recognition Fund on the museums and galleries sector in Scotland”.

The Recognition Scheme formally recognises and invests in collections of national significance in non-national museums in Scotland.  A Recognised Collection of National Significance is one that is of such importance and quality that it merits formal recognition and support by national government.  Through a formal Recognition Process, the Scheme formally identifies and awards special status to Recognised Collections of National Significance held in non-national museums and galleries.

Holders of the 41 Recognised Collections are eligible to apply for funding from a designated Recognition Fund.  Through the Fund, MGS (on behalf of the Scottish Government) aim to celebrate, promote and invest in the Recognised Collections by encouraging and supporting strategic projects which pursue excellence in line with the Scheme objectives and the National Strategy – “Going Further: The National Strategy for
Scotland’s Museums and Galleries”.

Written by Dr Stephen ConnollyFollow Dr Stephen Connolly on Twitter

A founding Director of DC Research, Stephen has 25 years research experience achieved through a combination of roles in both academic research and private sector research and consultancy.

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