Impact of the Arts & Creative Industries on the Local Economy of Colchester, Essex and the Eastern Region

DC Research has been appointed by Colchester Mercury Theatre, along with partners Firstsite, Colchester Arts Centre and Signals to research and report on the Impact of the Arts and Creative Industries Provision in Colchester on the local economy, Essex and the Eastern Region.
The research will provide evidence and advocacy material to enable Colchester Mercury Theatre and partners to establish the context for grant aid and set out the longer term and wider benefits of public and private sector investment in the arts and creative industries. It will also highlight how each of the partners can develop its economic position within the local community and enhance its service to its users.
To ensure that the study is robust, an HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ approach will be applied to the assessment of economic impact. It considers the impact of employment and procurement/supply chain patterns at each of the four organisations, as well as the impacts of total spend by visitors to the venues on the local economy, along with wider strategic and profile impacts, and will culminate in a “case study” of the economic impact of Colchester Mercury Theatre, Firstsite, Colchester Arts Centre and Signals on Colchester, Essex and further afield.

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A founding Director of DC Research, Jonathan brings 23 years of academic, policy development and consultancy experience as a research economist, evaluator and project manager to the business. He is a Fellow of the Regional Studies Association, and a Member of the Institute of Economic Development.

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