Evaluation of the Recognition Scheme and Fund – Report Published

Museums Galleries Scotland (MGS) has recently published the final report of the Evaluation of the Recognition Scheme and Fund that DC Research carried out on MGS’s behalf earlier this year.  See http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/standards/recognition/

The aims of the evaluation were to: (1) Assess the extent to which the aims and objectives of the Recognition Scheme, in the context of the National Strategy for Scotland’s museums and galleries, are being met; (2) Include a critical evaluation of management, operation, impact and value for money to inform future development; and (3) Identify clear recommendations on how to enhance both the Scheme and its Funding.

The various reports are available via the MGS website:

Full report: http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/research-and-resources/resources/publications/publication/562/evaluation-of-the-recognition-scheme-and-fund-2014

Summary Report: http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/research-and-resources/resources/publications/publication/563/summary-of-recognition-evaluation-report-2014

Recognition Committee’s Response: http://www.museumsgalleriesscotland.org.uk/research-and-resources/resources/publications/publication/559/recognition-committee-statement


Written by Dr Stephen ConnollyFollow Dr Stephen Connolly on Twitter

A founding Director of DC Research, Stephen has 25 years research experience achieved through a combination of roles in both academic research and private sector research and consultancy.

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