Reflecting on Twenty Years of Working Together in Research

Jonathan Durnin and Stephen Connolly have worked together since late 1998.  Both started their professional research careers at the Centre for Regional Economic Development in Carlisle (formerly University of Northumbria, now University of Cumbria).  Following this, they worked together in a number of different research and consultancy roles across the country before establishing DC Research in 2008.

Over the past 10 years DC Research has delivered a wide range of research and evaluation studies across the economics, culture, heritage and creative fields, working with clients across the whole of the UK (from the Orkneys and the Highlands, to Cornwall and Kent and many places in between).  This has involved working with some wonderful people and organisations, in some amazing places, delivering more than 150 projects together.

From November 2018, Jonathan’s role at DC Research is changing – he is stepping back from being a Director – whilst Stephen will continue in his role as Director of DC Research.  Jonathan will continue to work with Stephen and DC Research as an associate, and also independently.

Stephen and Jonathan look forward to continuing to work together delivering a range of exciting and relevant research and evaluation studies.

Written by Dr Stephen ConnollyFollow Dr Stephen Connolly on Twitter

A founding Director of DC Research, Stephen has 25 years research experience achieved through a combination of roles in both academic research and private sector research and consultancy.

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