Research into the Impact of Charging for Admission on Museums

DC Research is delighted to be appointed by the Association of Independent Museums (AIM), Arts Council England and the Museums, Archives and Libraries Division of the Welsh Government (MALD) to carry out research into the impact of charging for admission on museums.

The research comes at a critical time for the museum and heritage sector. Developing a better understanding of the impact of charging for admission on visitor numbers, spend by visitors, quality of visitor experience, type of visitors etc. will allow museums to make an informed, evidence-based decision about charging for admissions as part of their overall funding arrangements. The findings of the research will be used to develop guidance for museums which will help them to make the correct decision for their organisation on charging – both whether or not to charge, and also how much to charge.

The research is deliberately designed to ensure that all museums have the opportunity to contribute – providing evidence about their experiences on charging (or not charging) for admissions. It will be important for as many museums as possible to engage with the research as this will enhance both the quality and robustness of the findings and also the usefulness of the guidance produced for museums about charging. It will also provide museums with an opportunity to contribute to research which will be making recommendations to museum funders and decision-makers on the impact of charging.

AIM has published a blog on the research on their website, which also includes links to the survey.

For further information, please contact Dr Stephen Connolly

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A founding Director of DC Research, Stephen has 25 years research experience achieved through a combination of roles in both academic research and private sector research and consultancy.

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