‘Green Book’ Services

DC Research ‘Green Book’ services and workshops

HM Treasury ‘Green Book’ approaches to assessing additionality are a core component in the assessment of Regional Growth Fund (RGF) projects and programmes, for establishing additionality impacts for ERDF and other European Funding, and for a range of other government initiatives and support. This means that organisations need to articulate the ‘net additional impact’ of outputs they plan to deliver, taking into account deadweight, displacement, leakage, substitution and multiplier effects.

DC Research has developed strategies and deliverable action plans for the development of employment growth, enterprise and investment programmes in localities; extensively evaluated projects and programmes designed to deliver jobs, start ups and business growth; and worked for a wide range of clients delivering research across multiple funding regimes. We have many years experience of applying the ‘Green Book’ to a range of appraisal, impact assessment and evaluation studies.

We also offer workshops and training to organisations to provide with the skills and knowledge to compile ‘Green Book’ compliant evidence and assessments, and we would be happy to offer this service to you and partners if it is helpful.

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